44.1kHz ratings key

ten 10 — All-time classic. One of the best albums in the history of recorded music. Desert Island material for sure.

nine 9 — Perfection. Nirvana. Almost as good as sex. We saw god, or at least experienced some kind of revelation.

eight 8 — Exceptional album. We like everything about it.

seven 7 — Consistently great album with several standout tracks.

six 6 — We like this a lot and think you will too.

five 5 — Good, solid album. If you like the artist's other recordings, this is probably worth your time.

four 4 — Most of this is pretty good.

three 3 — Some of this isn't bad. But most is.

two 2 — Not even suitable as a coaster to place cold drinks on.

one 1 — Makes you regret that you have ears.