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CLINIC: What's Behind Those Surgical Masks?

Taking the pulse of the cool British export

Interview Yancey Strickler Photography Brendan Colthurst
Brian Campbell

Carl Turney: "Walking With Thee is heavily groove-based."
Strickler: As frantic as Internal Wrangler is, it's more toned down than the singles. Would you agree with that?

Blackburn: Yeah. I thought that if we just had that same level — the first singles were more garage-y and, bar one song, were all uptempo. So to give it a bit more dimension, I thought it definitely needed to have some slower songs on it. Otherwise you can just switch it off after so many. If you have a slower song, it makes you appreciate it if something else comes in. There are more contrasts.

Strickler: What direction did you go with Walking With Thee?

Blackburn: The songs are longer, but not in a Rush-type way. [laughs] They're all under four minutes, but we stretched some of the ideas, and there's more space within the songs as well. "The Second Line" is more similar, in that it's more spacious, to some of the new songs.

Turney: Walking With Thee is heavily groove-based again. On Internal Wrangler there's a lot of really dense grooves, really thick sounding. The new one has a bit more of a disco element to it, where there's even sparser drum patterns.

Strickler: In a Gang of Four way?

Turney: There's definitely that sort of hi-hat feel to it, the pounding bass drum, but still heavily melodic as well. Not "Let's ditch the melodies and just play the drums for four minutes."

Blackburn: Not as angular or discordant as Gang of Four. On Internal Wrangler you can still tell there's a pop theme running underneath the songs, so it's still got that, with the same kind of unpredictability to it.


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